Frequently Asked Questions Our Psychic Readings in Philadelphia, PA

If you are a firm believer in destiny and fate, and all things mystical, however, need to give your social life a nudge, then get a love and relationship reading from Psychic Spiritual Reader and Advisor today. However, by all means, do not only take our word on how reliable our readings can be, find out more in the questions and answers article below.

How long has the service been open?

Our psychic readings have been made available to the residents of Philadelphia, PA since 1997, and for 35 years we have been helping our clients with various things in their life, ranging from being reunited with lost loved ones to spiritual cleaning, we offer it all, however, we will delve deeper into our other services further in this article. Most people are skeptical about what we do, and quite rightly too, as there are many charlatans that bring doubt to our gift, but the length of time that we have been available for should tell you volumes on how we work.

Do you only take cash?

No, if you prefer to pay us using the following, MasterCard, checks, Discover, cash, Visa, or American Express, is fine by us.

Do you only offer your services to the resident of Philadelphia, PA?

No, currently we also provide our services to the following areas:

  • Glenolden, PA;

  • Darby, PA;

  • Aston, PA;

  • Swarthmore, PA;

  • Collingdale, PA;

  • Folsom, PA.

Phone readings are available to everyone.

What about discounts?

We offer a 4th of July special on all psychic and palm reading at $30 and summer specials for all services at a 75% discount.

What are the hours of Psychic Spiritual Reader and Advisor?

We are open from the following times:

Monday – Sunday: 8 AM – 11 PM

It is plain to see that the dedication we have to our clients and craft is beyond reproach, as we make ourselves available to even the strictest of schedules.

Do I need an appointment?

No, we welcome walk-ins, however, it would be better for you reading-wise, if you did make an appointment.

Is the company certified?

It is, unlike most we like to provide our clients with certain assurances, so their trust is not misplaced, or their money wasted.

What about other services?

We can offer you the following:

  • Love Reading

  • Relationship Reading

  • Psychic Reading

  • Tarot Card Reading

  • Palm Reading

  • Spiritual Cleansing

  • Spiritual Attachment Removal

  • Reunion with Lost Loved Ones

  • Psychic Phone Readings

  • Social Gatherings

If any of the above is unclear, please feel free to call us today and ask for clarification.

Have you got client feedback on the services that you offer?

Of course, open the testimonials tab on our website once you are done here.

After you have read this questions and answers article, things should be clear on what we can bring to your life? If you would like to proceed, please do not hesitate to give us a call at this number (267) 458-8915 today, or within our working hours to make an appointment for a Tarot card reading, or with any of our other services.

READINGS BY GINASpring/Summer Special

All reading by phone is $45, All reading and services in person 50% off
Available for all gatherings, parties and corporate events
Now serving 3 locations: Philadelphia, Orlando and Florida.
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