How to Prepare for Psychic Readings in Philadelphia, PA

What Is a Psychic Reading? How to Prepare for It?

First and most important, when it comes to psychic readings, it is important to know exactly what you need clarity on. For example, if you are dealing with either a breakup or a divorce, you will need to be detailed about what it is you want insights on.

Before The Reading

It is best to do the following before initiating any reading;

  • Sit alone in a quiet place and take notes on everything you need clarity on. Think of what concerns you, what you think is missing, areas that need more TLC, and write all your thoughts down.

  • Then, prioritize your list, so the most burning questions are addressed. When you prioritize your needs, make sure that you prioritize them according to what is important for you and, what is most pressing with regards to time.

  • From this list, write some questions that you want to ask your psychic. Make sure it is detailed, so the psychic knows exactly what your agenda is. For instance, if you want to reconnect with your ex, ask “ Will I reconnect with him any time soon” instead of “Will I reconnect with him”. Like this, your psychic will understand both the action and the timeline are just as important to you.

  • When you start your reading, no matter what reading you choose, you will have a clearer understanding of what questions you want the answers to.

During The Reading

  • Ask your psychic all the questions you need.

  • Never rush, you need to be absolutely clear about what you want to know, also, your psychic will need time to delve deep in order to get the answers you want.

  • If something is not clear, remember to ask your adviser to clarify it.

  • If your adviser has more information to share, let them share it as it can be helpful.

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