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This page contains your complete service list. Read it carefully to learn exactly what we can do for you. At Psychic Spiritual Reader and Advisor, we understand the needs of our customers to know more about us before they choose to come to us. Our courteous and friendly approach has earned us the trust of many men and women in Philadelphia, PA and we believe they will win us yours as well.

Palm Reading

Palm Reading

We Are Offering

Psychic Reading

At Psychic Spiritual Reader and Advisor, we can help you get rid of the negative energy around so you can find your place in this world and attain your goals. Why live with a dark cloud over your head when you can enjoy a meaningful and happy life.

Love and Relationship Reading

Are you having a hard time finding your significant other? Or perhaps you are having issues with your partner? Come to us and we will discover the source of your problems. With our help, you will regain your faith in love and have an amazing relationship.

Tarot Card Reading

Do you wish to know your future? We are ready to use our tarot cards and read them for you. We will tell you more about your character and answer your questions about your personal and professional aspirations.

Palm Reading

We can read your palm and tell you things about yourself that even you didn’t know. We can unlock doors that will give you a better understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Psychic Cleansing 

If you feel blocked, have no worries as we are here to help you. We will chase the negative energy and worries away so you can once again enjoy the taste of life to its fullest.

Spiritual Attachment Removal

We can remove spirits that are attached to you and feeding on your energy. We use different techniques to help our customers regain control over their lives. Our prices are reasonable.

Reunion with Lost Loved Ones

Use our services in Philadelphia, PA and get reunited with your lost loved ones. We will help you connect with your friends and relatives so you can have a talk and get answers to questions that were left unanswered.

Social Gatherings

Apart from conducting individual sessions, we can also carry out group sessions at various social gatherings, birthdays included.

Book the services that you need us to provide you with by calling (267) 458-8915. We would be honored to help you!

READINGS BY GINASpring/Summer Special

All reading by phone is $45, All reading and services in person 50% off
Available for all gatherings, parties and corporate events
Now serving 3 locations: Philadelphia, Orlando and Florida.
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