What Do the Tarot Cards in Your Reading Mean?

You Need an Expert in Tarot Card Reading to Find Out

The history of the Tarot cards is rather long and complicated. Much of it is shrouded in mystery, and we won’t go into it now. The Tarot cards can be used both as a tool for spiritual enlightenment and divination. That is true for both the present day and the past. Divination, or a Tarot card reading, is the most popular reason for the interest of people in these cards.

The Quest for Meaning

Seekers turn to the Tarot cards when they are on a quest for a pattern, a story, a meaning. They may want to learn the meaning of their past and present, as well as how these will affect their future. The cards are also sought by those wanting to understand the intricacies of their characters. The beauty of the cards is that they have many layers of such meanings in each card, synthesized in powerful images. When you add the various combinations of cards, positions in the different types of a Tarot card reading, you get a rich potential of interpretation of a life situation and your part in it.


Take the Major Arcana Moon card. What does it show?

  • A night scene
  • Above is the Full Moon with 16 rays
  • Below is a body of water
  • A crawfish is crawling from the water onto the land
  • A dog and a wolf are howling at the Moon
  • Two large Pillars/towers symmetrically positioned on the left and right side of the card
  • A path between the towers that leads forward.

The darkness of the night may mean limited clarity or guidance. The light from the Moon is limited and reflected. Therefore, the opportunity for delusion and mistakes occur. The number 16 also has its symbolism. The dog and the wolf are howling out of fear. The dog may represent the tame nature of the regular human being, while the wolf could be their wild, aggressive side. The presence of the element water signifies feelings rather than thoughts. The crawfish and the Moon are suggestive of the astrological sign of Cancer, but the ruling sign of the card is Pisces; the two pillars are two extremes, with the right path being somewhere between them, only slightly lit by the Moon but still visible. That the card is part of the Major Arcana means that it represents a more profound spiritual truth or a milestone life event rather than the everyday occurrences the Minor Arcana deals with.

This was just a brief sketch of the underlying meanings of the symbols on the card. However, what do you make of it? How does it relate to your life in particular? In a divination reading, did it occur in the past, present, or future position? If you have asked a question requiring a positive or negative answer, does it mean yes or no?

Why You Need a Tarot Card Reader

It is precisely the wealth of possible interpretations that makes Tarot card reading an art requiring a special gift. Some people claim that anyone can do Tarot readings, using their intuition. Intuition, however, like all other talents, it is not something everyone possesses in equal amounts. After all, we are at different levels in our development, and we have various missions in life. The images and symbols are associated with specific meanings. Still, the overall result is greater than the sum of the separate meanings. Besides, these parts can be so many that Tarot cards can get rather complicated for the inexperienced. That is why you need a gifted expert to supply the secret ingredient in the recipe of the Tarot card reading – and that is the spark of natural talent and inspiration.

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